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Friday, November 28, 2008

Honeysuckle in November? Yep!

This is what I found growing inside the bay. It is a sign that indeed it has not been cold here in this part of the world yet. Except today.

Mullein, I spotted it for the first time this summer and I'm now anxiously waiting to see what its seeds are like. Also I love the shapes and lines of the whole plant and its leaves.

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  1. Although my Honeysuckle doesn't have flowers on it, there is fresh growth at the moment. It didn't really flower at all this summer, probably because it was only planted recently and has taken its time to get rooted.

    You'll be surprised at the flowers still going. And it *has* been cold here!

    The sweet pea is only just beginning to die off, but that might only be because I've stopped cutting the flowers for vases. I've had them non-stop since June/July on the windowsil!
    The Verbena has only just stopped flowering in the past week or so, that too had been flowering for a long time - very impressed, never had it before!

    First real frost this morning, not too heavy but was quite visible on the cars and slightly on the grass.

  2. Last night/today was the first cold night/day with frost and very low temperatures today.
    I did go to the bay, told someone else about the Honeysuckle, before he was about to pass it; but did I remember to look out what it looked like after a night of frost? course not.

  3. Hi Yoke, I too have flowers on my honeysuckle, albeit in a sheltered part of the garden and a cultivated species. Lovely having the scent though on a winters day, something I still find odd, coming from the North of England where they have 6 months of winter and 6 months of severe winter weather :-)

  4. Odd, indeed, Andrew. Yes, I can smell the scent here in my kitchen; it is just the memory of 21 years living in this village where we would daily pass Honeysuckle along the 800 yards between village and Riverside, our previous house.

    Smell can do strange things to memories and to our mind in general.
    Rather than severe cold like real snow and frost, our area is just covered in darkness. We suffer from "darkness and storms, but the Gulf prevents any snow from reaching us or staying here. which is why we are living in the tropics! The frost and cold we are having now, I have not seen here since 1984!

    The 6/6 months is about the same here too. Winter sets in very early with the Atlantic hitting us day in day out with gales and rains, directly from what Old Crow is sending us.

  5. Now, now, I didn't purposely send you the rain and gales, lol. I'm amazed that you still have blooms there. Must be much milder than here

  6. We've had some night-frost recently, but at the moment it is still around 7-8Cels, daytime. Last week was around 4Cels or so daytime, but I don't really mind.


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