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Monday, November 17, 2008

Useful knowledge: How to Uncurl your Hedgehog

Although I have seen many Hedgehogs or 'Egels' as they are called in Holland where I grew up, as a kid, I was never armed with the wisdom of how to get one to uncurl into a more manageable shape, when you have one in your hands.

I just found out, by reading this review on a recent book on Hedgehogs, "A Prickly Affair" and knowing that many are caring about, or as in some cases caring for, hogs, I take it that you will add it to your Santa wish list or give it to like minded friends in the hope they read it soon, so you can read it too.
In that case you might want to give it before Christmas!


  1. We don't have hedge hogs here but I think they're adorable.

  2. We do have them, but my garden is so well-walled and pathed' by the council that they'd need a drill and a few roller blades to get here.

    We do not have Molls on this island though. a pity cause I like them also.
    Yes Hogs are indeed adorable.

  3. Hedge hogs make a real nice meal and the best way to cook is in an open campfire once the hog is killed all that needs doing is to take oyt the guts and put in a clay mold, put under the fire before its made cook for at least 2 hours before spliting the pot open the only thing that you will have is the meat as its skin and spikes will be in the clay pot.
    this was a favorite meal when I was a youngster in the cider country of Hereford,
    much nicer meat than chicken on an even par with pork.
    the link by the way is not available any more. hence the other way to uncurl a hedghog. and today i am much wiser & I would not even consider killing a hog for meat.


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