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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Revealed: Hills with a bird in the mist.

Wanting to get a shot of a bird in flight in the mist, I was too late again, a pity; it might have helped ID the one below on the cable. (sorry, but I posted this picture twice. Not intentionally)

Since moving to Ireland, mist got a whole new meaning for me. It is one of my favourite weather phenomenon, and having to get wet in the meantime, is mostly something as 'part of life' to me. Mist, like drizzle, is one of these things which can change the feel of the land within a matter of minutes, and the mood of a landscape alters almost before you even realise what it is exactly that has changed. No wonder it is the subject then of many legends, myths, stories and also paintings. Photo contests too, have many -mist-related- images among their winners..

With my wheels, I soon tend to get wet sooner than a vertical person because my lap offers a greater horizontal surface to the drops from above. Nevertheless, I do not really mind. (most of the times)

Someone told us once that drizzle is just a low hanging mist, and this is what I wanted to capture today, but each time I went out of the house, drizzle started again. Eventually I gave up, thought I'd better wait till another day, but when I went out to refill the bird's food-tray, I did my camera outside.

Behind our house, the fields go down to meet the little tidal river, and from there up over the hills between us and Bantry Bay.

While my camera was trying to make sense of the vast grey mass and focussing on nothing really, the view changed constantly.

I never expected to be able to capture the drizzle in the low hanging clouds over the hills, which indeed did not really come out on my photos, so next time I try again. It is not as if this mist or drizzle is a rare occurrence around here! So often I went down to the shop, saw the mist hanging over the hills, and promised myself to take some photos once I returned. Yet I never did.

I'm not sure, but when you switch off the lights, you can almost see the streaks of drizzle I think? I'm still trying ti figure it all out! Just by doing so, looking at it and then learning, I hope. Till the next time.

Birds were teasing me regularly, either flying over the fields behind us in small groups or on their own.
Then I spotted a bird sitting on a telephone cable, and thinking I would be able to ID it later from the photo, I was wrong! I have no idea what it is.

I still hope to capture the mist over the bay one day, which will be a lot harder.


  1. I thought it would be up your street and I imagine that your island setting can be a haven for mist too.
    It is funny how much effect these conditions can have on us as others I know really hate the sombre feeling they can get from mist.

    Mind yuo, I am over the moon that it is a clear blue sky today-for the first time. I want to go to the bay, but I am in town at the moment at rehabcare.
    perhaps later this afternoon if the weather holds.


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