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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Autumn; Nature's Skeletons and the onslaught of summer

I did not have much chance yet for enjoying and photographing Autumn's colour. Down here in the South West of the Republic of Ireland, Autumn starts only mid November due to the warm climate.
The other fact is that along the road and along the coastline here, all those leaves, which were only just starting to think about turning, their transformation was disrupted when they met with the enormous force of the gales being brought about by the changing weather conditions. You have to feel sorry for our trees, their rhythms being thrown overboard with flooded summers, leaving no time for their roots to dry out. The extra gales we've had during spring and summer, mean trees being stripped bare with no warning and at a time when the tree is relying on its her leaves with which she can convert the Sun's energy into a chemical used as food for the tree.
You'd have to think then that by the end of summer this same tree is short on energy reserve to face the coming winter.
And just thinking of the harshness the winter's climate will throw at our tree makes you shiver. And then poor tree has to find some energy somewhere too, so she can produce her leaves for spring and next summer.
And then imagine this on a yearly basis! Not just this once.

I have always been struck by the white skeletons in the fields here in winter, and often enough, I tried capturing these in my watercolour paintings and sketches, with either my nails or a small stick trying to scratch these into the washes. Or in the washes of ink if I was painting with black indian ink. one of my favourite mediums. (media?)
Now I am trying to capture it with dear Lady Lumix.

Do you like this one

Or perhaps the -edited version in which the branch is coming more to the front?

I took these a week or so ago, when I had been out shooting the Mosses. Now, with bad weather around us, I have a few minutes to doing them in a post

I was captivated by those 'strange green and overgrown vertical structures which make up the hedgerow in the field below, so

I zoomed in to get a better look at it;

I should have taken a better look at the wobbly little tree, but maybe next tine I'll remember?

My favourite of the lot:
Here, the beautiful white flowers of the Blackthorn will enlightening me sgain next spring:

And this House Sparrow I caught the other day

And this Hooded Crow I spotted along the road.


  1. Interesting what you said about the season and the trees. Great pictures. Now you have me curious to see your drawings and paintings.

  2. My artwork is gone!

    I had to make a choice in 1997: painting/drawing, or writing.

    I gave all my paintings away and those which I didn't, are lost in our old house, Riverside Cottage.

    my preferred medium was either watercolour or Ink.
    My Gran gave me a set of 6 colours of Indian Ink -which I still have after many moves!- and I used to mix the black inks with water into shades of grey.

    It is now all in the past-a past stage in my life!


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