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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two more springflowers

A few days ago, I spotted two wildflowers which I will be seeing everywhere until late summer.
One is of the Veronica family. The other is the Wild or Barren Strawberry, Potentilla sterilis.
Both flowers measured 8-10 mm. I like the Strawberry at this time of year, when they are very small and pretty . With my confidence still in shatters, I was unsure if it was the Barren Strawberry, Potentilla sterilis, or the Wild Strawberry, Fragaria vesca.

Talking to Zoë Devlin of Irish Wildflowers , she soon affirmed that it was indeed the Barren Strawberry, Potentilla sterilis. One of the easiest ways to distinguish the two species is the sepals showing between the -wide separated- petals.
So here are a cuople of pictures. Also thrown into the mix is a Germander Speedwell, Veronica Chamaedrys. Another spring flower of 8mm.

Barren Strawberry, Potentilla sterilis

Germander Speedwell, Veronica chamaedrys

And of course a Dandelion, Taraxachum off. peeping through!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Macro Monday: Fruiting Fungi.

If you can tell me the name of this specie, please use the comment box, to let me know.

I spotted these gorgeous Fungi growing on a piece of tree; a thick piece of a tree trunk which is being used as a planter in the Rehabcare garden. It is the first time I have seen these here, and I wonder what they are. And what lyrical latin name is attached to them? I have looked on Irish Lichen and Fungi website by Jenny Seawright, but can only find one specie which looks similar, but there the bands are in reverse order; ie dark band on the outside.

It could be a variant of the Turkeytail, Tramestes versicolour

Next year I will plant a tree in memory of Francis. Most likely the native Ash/ Rowan,with it's beautiful finger like leaves and red berries. Apart from Birds, feeding on the fruit, there are loads of insect species linked to the Rowan, so that will be good. It will have to be planted into a pot of some sort, as we only got a few centimetres of soil on top of the rock here. Rowan is a medium sized tree anyway, so I very much doubt that a pot would be a problem. (apart from the cash needed for one of those!) I think planting it on his birthday, late January, would give a bare rooted tree a good chance too. His death came 4 days after his birthday after all.

The lovely little Bittercress, with its tiny flowers. Not fully opened yet. Immediately after I took my pictures, shovels of horse manure was dumped upon these weeds. i am sure I can find other specimens of the specie elsewhere, away from gardens. They grow all over the road verges, so I need to find a spot where I can take photos as well as stay out of harm's way from cars. not the easiest job.

Varigated Pepermint.

I forgot the name of these. Too much other stuff on my mind I guess.

Hellebore. The flower was facing in such a way that I could not get a good shot of it. The sleepers of the raised bed were preventing me from swinging around my wheels. Ah well, c'est la vie.

If you want to take part or know more about Macro Monday, please visit Lisa's blog.

Spring is slowly emerging

Last week, I went out into the cold afternoon to go for a quick peek at the bay. It was strange that I had not been out for months. Not since Francis had become more weak. I felt I had to keep an eye on him, just in case..
The post mortemresults have come back from the lab. I have been told that next week I'll get a copy of the report and I will be able to collect the death certificate. With that i should be able to get on with my life. Being able to get a bereavement's grant, get things done at the bank, etc. About time too; it is now 6 weeks since my loving hubby passed away.
Also, his death will now be registered finally too. my A.P. (automatic pilot) is still holding onto the control of my life. Seems as if it is all just floating past me.

The winter has not left really; yesterday night frost still sends the Invertebrates into hiding and could be killing off Frog spawn too, off course.

Near me, theere is still no sign of the spring beauty. It is usual the first Wildflower I see in the hedge across the speedramp where I live. That one has not shown yet. But I did manage to find it opposite the Church of Ireland. Not in flower yet, but well on the way. It is of course, that member of the Buttercup family, the
Lesser Celendine, Ranunculus ficaria

Ivy berries ripening. hedra helix

If somebody can tell me the name of these little beauties, please leave a comment.

Greenfinches, Chloris chloris, in the garden.

female Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Total Sense of Loss

I'm sorry not to have posted recently. The fact is that I was hardly able to take any photos during these weeks.
These pictures are my first attempt in finding myself again. Francis used to love the close-up photos I would take during, and after rain. And here in Ireland we have no shortage of those.

Francis cannot enjoy my photos any more. The loving and caring Francis has left this earth five weeks ago. I myself am in a state of in-between. not only have I lost my best friend, mate and soul-mate, but my carer too. And until I will get a PA for a fixed time per week, (Personal Assistant) now I just get 30 minutes at night. It is very strange to go from 24/7 to 30 minutes a night!

The trouble is that well meaning people keeps telling me things like: "Give it time", or similar clichés.
How will I keep myself going during all that time?


On top of Francis dying, Niña has been adopted by a couple 10km from here. She was confused very much, and demanding too much from me. on top of that she brought home her avian catches. Together, Francis and I had managed to curb this by keeping her inside. On my own, it was soon clear that I was unable to lock her into rooms, whenever she did not want to. With only one hand available for operating my wheels, there are no ready fingers to carry her. (against her will)
It all went very fast.