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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little frost and Chaffinches in my garden, just a few pictures.

On the morning of the 28th and 29th, we had frost during the night; a bit of a rare occurrance down here in the South west. It was amazing how the birds in the garden reacted. I made some etra peanut cake and put out two large pots for them, so that at least they had some fat to help against the cold.
Yesterday I also spotted the Wren, darting about and I was very pleased to see it. Niall had mentioned the Wren in his email about the Blue Tits behaviour and he said that unfortunately the Wren was losing out very often in these cold periods because it doesn't come to feeders. So, having the planter as my main feeding platform, I am always pleased to see whenever I do attract one. It was too quick before I spotted it.

Some of my Chaffinches, I had 12(6 females and 6 males) last winter spring, and I hope to see a similar number again this time. There are about three/four females/ at the moment and two/three males.
The Fatsia in its black rubbish bin is serving a good purpose as escape platform

for birds who need to escape the sudden more powerful visitor, and it is funny to see how the Chaffs/Sparrows or Great Tits move quick into the Fatsia whenever the Large Rooks or Jackdaws arrive. The tiny ones, no problem!

Isn't it funny somehow, that when I started blogging with Birding on Wheels as my first blog before starting Wildlife on Wheels most people thought that Wildlife was going to be the main one and that Birding on Wheels would soon be forgotten and in the dustbin.
I thank everyone for displaying my link to either of the two blogs and especially Pete who introduced me so lovingly.

Anyway, there's not a year past yet as in the case of Andrew at Quicksilver birds.

I had never thought that Birding on Wheels would do so well eventually, by hovering around the 550 or 560

So against the odds, Pete, I think Birding on Wheels is my prime blog these days, mostly since I started it as the blog for disabled birders in Ireland with support of Birdwatch and the fatbirder's DBA.

So thanks everyone, enjoy my Chaffs and Coal Tit. See you around.


  1. I know what you mean about 2 blogs, I got a bit over excited and had 3 running at one time, one for art, one for wildlife and one for gardening...all I ever did was write blogs. So the Gardening one went, and sadly the art one hasn't done anything for 6 months - next year though.

    Keep up the good work, it's good to have you out there spotting Irish wildlife for us.

    Oh and Oldcrow is naughty sending that stuff over here isn't she :-)

  2. lol BR. Yoke, your pictures are wonderful. Lovely birds.

  3. Hi Yoke, thanks for the comment on my blog. I like your Coal Tit pics, its the Irish race, yes? Yellowish cheeks etc... I've read about them...

  4. Andrew, do you still paint? The Art itself is more important than a blog on Art, isn't it?

    Stewart, yes, The Parus Ater Hibernicus; a good topic for a post. thanks!


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