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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few more Halloween Birds

Well, I do have a thing for Gulls, so what do you expect..

In the hotel room, I'd take up my posiyion each morning with bins and camera to see how the harbour would awake. Here are another few pictures from the birds.
From early morning a Grey Heron would be standing here in the harbour, together with a little Egret. Is this Egret the same one as the one which visits Dunmanus Bay?
Here I love the large foot of the Little Egret, as it keeps it just above the water, with its reflection also.

Or, with a a fish in its bill as it has in this picture

One day, after I'd been on the road, I returned to a Little Egret which was just a few metres away from me, looking for food and it kept walking so fast, it was incredible how quick these can strut from here to there, and foraging whilst doing so, too..

And its cousin, the Grey Heron,

And last a few pictures of the Mallards- such a handsome bird and like the Chaffinch very much underrated.

I already said that I would split the photos from our little 'holiday for Halloween.


  1. Some great pictures there Yoke. Particularly like the last Mallard!! I would agree, the mallard is very under-rated.

  2. Funny you say that, Pete; although we do have Mallards in Durrus, I hardly ever see them there.

    However, whenever I am in town I keep turning back to shooting the Mallards, in case I missed a nice shot or ruined shots.

    I was really lucky with the last shot, Tricia. As I had come back the next day, all 3 Mallards were awake, instead of asleep the previous. And this showed how awake she was indeed.

  3. I too really like gulls, lol. Great pictures once again Yoke.

  4. Might get you more Gulls, plus Hoodies, Crow.
    Watch this Space, lol.


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