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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unknown Critters in the plants, part 1.

I'd just arrived for the hatching of these little larvae:
the eggs looked just like thin brown line along the stem, and I did not see the babes until they started moving. They were absolutely tiny.

"Burr" (the only name I know for this plant, which must be an abbreviation)
I am not very happy that this specie has chosen my garden as its settlement. later I will find those little sticky seeds in Nina's fur
Can anyone give me its proper name?

This Insect was sitting close to the Larvae nursery, on the leaf of the Sea Bindweed, Calystegia soldanella

Was it the 'mother' of all the little pink larvae, perhaps?

Another resident in the Burr plants.
No idea what it is though. Some kind of Spider, and also very very small.
This Spider, too, was busy in the plant. Perhaps they had realised that there was food on the stems, although they might have bee n slighty bigger than the larvae.

I went back later with a small container to take a larvae specmen because I was curious as to what it will turn into. Unfortunately they had all disappeared. Shold have known.

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