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Friday, June 4, 2010

Lovely little critters all over the place, and a new Moth too .

All these many rains of seed in the air, must have had many a spider run towards their web; then discovering the prey, caught in the silk threads, is just a bit of fluff.

A micro beetle in a transparent tub to bring it outside again. I like the round "edges" underneath and around the little critter. Cute, isn't it?

Hoovering above the Bramble in my garden, I spotted this beauty.

This Moth was sitting outside on the window. This shot I rotated to give people a 'better' view for identifying.When I went outside, it flew off as I turned the camera on. One of those days..

Anyway, it is the size of a Pug. most likely a Carpet Moth. Apart from the green/white collaring, it also has two black spots on the white band.

Ribwort Plantain, Plantago lanceoato

White Clover, Trifolium repense.
Some kind of critter is hiding in the flower too. Middle of picture, you can see a couple of legs.

Any idea on the ID of this lovely Spider? Francis found it inside the Irish Times magazine. At least it has a good taste.


  1. You always have such interesting photos. I'm on the look out for bugs and such these days myself. Haven't seen much yet though. Still a little too chilly I expect.


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