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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hopper and Spiders among today's Critters in the garden

Interesting Spider, hiding amongst the pebbledash of our front garden-wall.
no idea which species this is, of course.

Nina, the cat, had been playing with, or at least bothering it behind my back, as I sat taking pics of the
Spear Thistle, Cirsium vulgare

Flower petal of the Dockweed, suspended among Sea Bindweed.

Ladybird larvae.

Ladybird larvae.
And another one.

I found three larvae in this stage of development. I think that these are different specie than the larvae featured in last week's Macro Monday post, Nettle and Grass, because here I spot a yellow spot in the middle of the back, between the two spots on either side.

There were at least 2 of them in a space of 1.5m x1.5metre. And I did have to get right into the grasses and Bird'sfoot in order to get these shots.
Garden Ant on Common Bird'sfoot Trefoil, Lotus comiculatus, flower.

This Wasp sat very still on a bag of compost. It seemed as if the wings were unable to move.


  1. It really is a monster in the micro world in the garden, isn't it? And as a Ladybird it will start behaving like a feeding monster to aphids, too.

  2. Wonderful pictures of some of my favorite things.


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