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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A bit of Mixed Bunch, really.

I have encountered quite a few unidentified Moths by now. Here are just a few. Most of the time we have a number of Small Magpies inside, ranging from 7 to 4. Added to these we got another species too, waiting to be discovered, and helped outside again, after one or two pictures.

On one of my rides on my local patch, I spotted a this beauty. Sitting in the bush.
Found this a few months ago, actually.

This one sunning itself on a rock with Moss, Lichen and Stonecrops around it. What an ideal habitat! It was almost transparent.

This one looks almost like a wooden toy plane. At first I thought it could be a pale form of one of the Thorns, like the Early Thorn, Ennomos quercinaria, but its behaviour in resting position were very different. The Thorns that I've seen here, would keep their wings closed like a Butterfly would rest with the wings closed.

A Buff Ermine, Spilosoma lubricipeda was caught by Francis when I was in bed, and one is in the kitchen again tonight. Just a few nights later.

This little brown micro caught me, so to speak, when I was photographing other life around the garden and it landed on the towel over my legs. I had been thinking a few minutes earlier that I do need to take small pots or jars with me when I go outside these days. As I went backwards to get a few jars and my macro lens, , this Moth took a liking to me and I was way too late. I was unable to get a closer look. How sad. Perhaps it just took a shining to the rusty orange and how well it would look colourwise.

Along thebackroad I sat watching the plants when this lovely Butterfly landed on an empty packet of crisps. It was no coincidence; it seemed to land there directly. At first I assumed it was a late female Orange Tip.

Until I saw the underside. It doesn't look like a Green or Black Veined Butterflies, either. nor like the large or Small Whites. Oram I overlooking details?

I also found Ragged Robin, Lychnis flos-cuculi

In Dutch this is called the real Cuckoo's Flower.

Yellow Flag Iris, Iris pseudacoris
Again, the rain has ruined them mostly this year.

Cork-screw Grass & Fern.

Early stages of Arum Lilies?


  1. LOVELY butterflies...not sure I like moths so much, but you've managed to capture beautiful pics of them anyway! :-D Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Hi Amel, thanks for calling in again.
    I think Moths are amazing; there markings are perhaps more subtle than the Butterflies you were used to in Asia, but I prefer Moths to Butterflies.
    We only got about 30 Butterfly species in Ireland. Yet we've got about 3,000 species of Moths.


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