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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ringlet Butterfly

Everyone has seen Painted Ladies, those beautiful orange Butterflies with their different shaped wings, this spring. All over the UK, Ireland, but here.

What I do see a lot is the Ringlet Butterfly, with its beautiful pale borderline around the wings. This one landed on the bindweed next to the wall. Luckily my wheels elevate too, raising me and my camera above the nettles, so I was able to take some pictures.
Due to the strong breeze, (there had been a gale warning the day before! ) its wings kept fluttering and it had trouble to stay put. Poor thing. Actually recently I have been surprised to see Butterflies (and Moths) out, attempting to find a way how they can use this breeze to their advantage.
But just imagine that you leave your cocoon behind, open up your new wings, trying to get the feel of them and you are immediately lifted from where you sit, out into the big wide world of airspace! You flap your wings as hard as you can, try to steer but you're just going from left to right against your will. And besides this, you are very very cold!
no wonder I never liked the wind. I do see little Plume Moths drifting by the window now and then. Drifting on the wind, like a seed parachute. And then there is the rain....
No, we the ones who enjoy voyeurism into the world of nature, might keep complaining about the wet, wild and wind which has been this summer's norm of the day, but do we have only the slightest idea of how difficult it is to survive in weather like this, when you are an Insect? You not only need to survive; you also need to pack in loads of other activities. Foraging, searching for a mate, mate, lay eggs, defend yourself from predators, and most of all: Get to recognise these predators before you get eaten.
I have great respect for this minute world of wonder, shape, colour and beauty.

Ringlet Butterfly, Aphantopus hyperantus

A pair of Bluebottle flies,Calliphora+vomitoria

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