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Friday, July 24, 2009

Colour coordinating my Moths

I had not much luck this evening when I was cooking, as I really hurt my little finger at first. Second I was late. I hoped to be to start watching the London Athletic Grand Prix (athletics, don't worry, I haven't gone that mad yet!) from Crystal Palace without moving anxiously between hob, sink and table. The main reason I was late, was not so much my finger, although this slowed me considerably, no it was this beauty, an Early Thorn Moth:
Early Thorn, Selenia dentaria

I suddenly spotted a flapping moth on the floor. First I opened the outside door, then tried luring it into my little carton. No luck. Neither good I fool it to get outside.

It looked familiar and this image flashed through my head
A dead one I found last summer. Having been unable to save that one; I had to get this one outside, somewhere where it could shelter from the strong breeze. And believe me; cooking with only 4 fingers only, catching a Moth on the floor, more than an arm's length below you, is something I cannot advice anyone!
Somehow, i did manage, I think. Well, Moth-wise.

This little Moth was on my window, last week. I have no idea which species it is (yet) I haven't even seen the wings!


  1. A lovely moth. Hope your finger is feeling better by now.

  2. Thanks, Crow! A little better, yes. Still sore when typing though. c'est la vie.

    The Moth found the open window, eventually. Not the door (or rather it had sat outside the door, but with the strong breeze it came indoors again, much too soon. I think it flew into the kitchen from either the bedroom or bathroom, when F. came in from the workroom.


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