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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Along the road; Silver Y Moth and Soldier Beetle

Bramble/Blackberries, Rubus fruticosus.

I shot these just

Mute Swan, Cygnus olor.

It seems as if we've been slashed by rain for weeks now; Finding a few dry hours in sequence seems almost impossible, which makes going for a ride harder and harder.
Adult in breeding plumage=Black Headed Gull, Larus ridibundus

A flower which left me pondering: what are these little trumpets?

Hooded Crow, Corvus cornix

I was too occupied with wondering what the little white Flowers were, (I think Common Mouse-ear, Cerastium fontanum.) Therefore, I never spotted the Red Beetle sitting at the bottom of the Evening Primrose. This is unusual for me, because I always look at every leaf, flower or twig to find out who and what is hidden there.
It was a Soldier Beetle, Rhagonycha fulva
Thanks to Rob

Meadowsweet,Filipendula ulmaria

Tufted Vetch, Vicia cracca

Near the cemetery I spotted a brown Moth, which then landed on a leaf among the fading flowers, against the grey stone of the retaining wall. Any suggestions welcome! (centre of picture, 1st horizontal leaf from top)

And here with wings 'flat 'over same leaf.

Evening Primrose.

Purple Spearthistle, Cirsium vulgare

Later, on my way back, I spotted these from the main road. The village festival is a popular annual event, and the kids will be able to have great fun on the sports field. A guy on a huge grass mowing machine kept going up and down, and making sure that not all single blades exceded the limit. I am sure the kids were very happy this weekend.


  1. The bramble flowers are looking lovely - blackberries in the making.
    Lovely photo of the Meadowsweet.
    I think the red beetle might be Rhagonycha fulva, a little soldier beetle.

  2. My blackberries here are all ripening fast. Last year I left most for the birds, but none were interested; at that time it was too late and they were about gone. This year it will be different. (where did I hear that before?)

    I'll check out the Beetle. Thanks.

  3. Hi,

    Great Blog, keep it going.
    The Beetle on the flower is a Soldier Beetle of the Species: Rhagoncha Fulva.



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