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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plumes and wings

A week ago, while I was putting the Poplar Hawk Moth on a plant out in the garden, I saw something drift into the door, left open into the kitchen. When glancing something white floating in, or perhaps on the air, I immediately thought it was some kind of seed parachute, like from a Dandelion, because of the way it moved slowly in a way which could have been due to the wind. With many other things occupying my mind, I totally forgot about my little intruder, until I wanted to get a book from the bookcase. There, on top of an old padded envelope, I spotted the little "parachute", and it was soon apparent that it was in fact a flying creature. Francis thought it was a young hopper of some kind, which sounded reasonable, I thought. It was the location of the wings which confused me. The idea of it being a Moth went through the mind for a moment, yet I dismissed it. Even so, it is a great pity that I was unable to spot its beautiful plumes underneath its wings, which give it its name, White Plume Moth, Pterophorus pendtadactyla.

White Plume Moth, Pterophorus pendtadactyla

Love the position of the legs.

Little unknown Micro.

And this little Pug leaves me wondering also; which one is it?

Thanks to Rob's Ramblings, who posted a picture, plus ID, in his post of the 4th of July.


  1. The second picture of the plume moth looks like a mini angel, lol. I'm hopeless when it comes to knowing the names of moths. I really must look for a book on the different insects and moths in my area.

  2. Same here; I need some more books too.

    An assertive angel, in that case. To me it looks like it is telling me something with 'hands' on hips!

  3. Some great shots !! Micro but wonderful..Great..Unseen Rajasthan

  4. Thanks, Unseen. Great to bring a bit of tropical warmth to the damp environment here in Eire!


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