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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poplar Hawk Moth, Laothoe populi

I suddenly spotted this large Moth, underneath the book case, which is perpendicular to the kitchen-door. So I presume that it had flown in when I had opened the door for a couple of hours in late afternoon.
Of course then it seemed that my battery was down, and needed re charging for an hour or so to give it enough juice for this picture. Brendan, who always comes via the back door, and Francis told him to be careful and not to scare 'the Moth'
Was soon clear that Brendan prefers seeing/talking about 'his' Bats in the loft than Moths, which are not his thing, obviously. Well, as soon as I can stay awake long enough at dusk, I'll be down there to photograph those Bats. At the moment I'm way too tired to go and sit outside a Garda station.

My guess is that I had a Poplar Hawk Moth, Laothoe populi in the house.

Although we tried, miss or mister Hawk Moth did not want to get outside. It had the habit of hiding underneath the bookcase.
So first thing this morning, was the manual evicting of the large Moth, identified by now as a Poplar Hawk Moth, Laothoe populi.

It seemed more amiable to crawl onto last week's Irish Times Saturday review. It wasn't easy, to open the door (which opens/closes very difficult, more like a heavy door.) and then operate the joystick of my wheels while holding the newspaper. When I got into trouble and had to lower the paper. Mis(s)ter Hawk Moth decided it was a good moment to slip down onto the dead stems of the Miscanthus: Zebra Grass.
And although I would have preferred to leave it somewhere more secluded, I was not going to try and lure it again. besides, I needed to make a couple of calls, indoors.

During the day, when outside, I took a few pictures of the Hawk on the Miscanthus, to get another view of it. Also, I wanted a more natural photo of the Moth, instead of it hanging onto the bottom shelf.

While I was working later in the day, I spotted a Small Magpie Moth at the door, and half an hour or so, I spotted another on the rolled up blind on the kitchen window.
Smal Magpie Moth, Eurrhypara hortulata

Putting my cup at the sink i spotted something move slightly. It was looking like a tiny piece of paper, like a torn off cigarette paper or so. When trying to pick it up, I ended up with a little Buff Ermine Moth, Spilarctia luteum on the tip of my finger. This did not mind the finger travel treatment, which involves sitting on my finger while I operate joystick, open doors, etcetera. Some Insects/Moths must appreciate the heat of my finger, and this lets them relax perhaps. Onto the two little Small Magpies, Eurrhypara hortulata.

Poplar Hawk Moth, Laothoe populi

And of course we also made some kind of "Other Shot" (this one is from underneath the Moth)


  1. Oh my, what a gorgeous moth. Looking forward to seeing bats next, lol.

  2. Yes gorgeous indeed. I was thinking of you when I saw it. Knew you'd love it too. Mind, i wish I had a Swallowtail in my garden! (let alone in my kitchen where I see them all first.

    I'm looking forward to Bats too, LOL!
    Mind you, we have been shrouded in rain and mist, these last days again. I'd prefer too go and sit out there without the lens getting wet.


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