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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

J.J's Debut movie.

On Birding I had posted a short movie, starring JJ, already. This is the original Debut video however which I had hoped to post there first, but things got mixed up. So here he is: Junior, aka JJ.

And like in the movie 'houses', posters of the leading male/female is the by-product of any movie

During the summer I've been seeing a tiny Moth very regularly, without it giving me a good chance to take its photo for an ID. Yesterday I got my wish granted: it was giving me the perfect opportunities to take a picture and then end up with something decent enough to post at the Yahoo-Moth Group, where I hope someone can put a name t this gorgeous little creature.

This picture gives an idea of size, where it is sitting on a hinge of the window. Which is about 8cm high.

"Insect" pictures; I love the structure and way the legs fold in/out and the sharpness of these. They just intrigue me. Don't get me wrong though: I'm not a creepy crawlies type at all> far from it!

And finally: Insect being caught at the bottom of my tub! Insect was very obedient in going into my tub and also at departing later when we went outside. Only problem is, Insect has been back, daily since. Amazing how it flattened itself onto the bottom immediately.


  1. Awwww, got to love that JJ. Love the pictures. Lovely moth as well. The insect looks like what we call a flying daddy long legs.

  2. Hi OC, thanks.

    I got an ID for the little Moth already and will do an update on the most recent Moths one of these days.

    I still need to ask some burning questions at the Yahoo Moth group.

    JJ was asking my camera for pictures this evening, he did these funny looks but he does not understand yet that rain means the window is clogged with drops.

  3. I call those flying Daddy Long Legs too!


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