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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last night, moving away from my table, I was suddenly aware something was creeping up on my wheels and heading for my foot..
They get down to the path and then up the door, through the catflap into the kitchen. My wheels is the first thing they would see underneath my table.

I think I prefer different visitors at night and No One intrudes onto the privacy of my wheels! Not even a slug!
If I had not spotted it I might either have sat onto it the next morning, or had it creeping onto my legs.
Or.. it might have slithered into our bed during the night, from my wheels next to it!.... yuk.


  1. lol, creeping into your bed! What a thought. It is quite colourful though.

  2. Like Oldcrow says Yoke, what glorious patterning on that slug. they may be a pest to us gardeners, but that one brightened up a photo, even if he was a little scamp for trying to hitch a lift

  3. I totally aree with you both.

    Most of them are a disgusting pooh yellowy brown colour Bill Oddie's black ones (if it is black put it back) never made it to this part of the world.

    It took awhile to recognise it for what it was.

    It's pattern reminded me more of a snake than a slug.


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