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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terns calling from the Air.

I went back to the pier; I'd heard in the shop that several Otters had been seen in te bay regularly and so I had an even better reason than only the Sunshine to go out.
i have only caught a glimpse of the Grey Herons. What really captured my attention were a group of Terns, which were flying about, looking for food and they kept in constant contact with each other (they mostly flew in pairs) via their insistent call.
I had hoped and tried identifying the Terns from my pictures, however I soon discovered that it was their call which really stood out, because the pictures are just not good enough.
Their call was like the Arctic Terns, however they do seem to miss the red beaks/legs.
I have no idea which they could be otherwise, and I do hope they stay, giving me another opportunity to ID these lovely little birds.
A couple of Cormorants were fishing nearby, as was a Black headed Gull.

Tomorrow we are off to town, and I hope to have time to get a glimpse of the birds in the harbour again after a few months of absence.

Is this little rail enough to keep my wheels from dashing in from the pier?

A fleshy succulent like plant on the bank underneath the Scots Pines along the main road. Jenny Seawright of Irish Wild flowers tells me it is a Wall Pennyworth, which gets tall spikes with white flowers. I will mark this one certainly in my mind and "map" which I intend of making of these roads around me what grows when and with descriptions. My photos will help here too.

Some kind of Fungi growing on the same bank:

I am still trying to get the hang of photographing birds in flight; these (Arctic, I think) were the perfect models as they were flying about and now and then diving Peregrine Falcon style into the water. Their call was amazing and I could not believe how loud it was.

This Blackheaded Gull was fishing, in most comical ways!



In the Garden, fans of the peanutcake, it appears..


  1. You're certainly getting the hang of capturing birds in flight. Something I haven't figured out yet. Great pictures.

  2. I still have problems with flers, believe me. Any guess at how many pictures had sole sky, nice empty coastline or treelines without any creature on it? A lot!


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