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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bamboo, more Insects and JJ.

I had promised more Junior pictures for Crow and Border Reiver, which I shall post on birding, I think, so in the meantime I can concentrate on two Moths, one of which landed on my windowsill last night, as soon as I had posted on this blog! My pictures worked out well; no surprise really, with a stunning orange body, it could not disappoint! I guess it was a female, the wings transparent, or very lightly tinted, I could not be certain and my little magnifier sat already in the pocket of my little sleeveless jacket, which offers me all I need when venturing outdoors.
The Publish Post button in my blog was supposed to be the last thing I’d do before shutting down and hopefully shutting down my eyes too, as it was already past midnight.

In bed I could not help but go through the first half of my Moth book, no success as of yet! In the porch I found this very large Spider, that it really made my skin crinkle and age years a second. When sitting beneath it, you are more vulnerable to catch it on yourself somewhere and shaking it off is blimey hard too. All you do is having it land within your wheels! And although I’m not squeamish about Arachnids, let’s just say I’m not fond of these eight-legged creatures either. And on the ceiling or high on the wall, they have one over me. Out of reach, I cannot get control over them. It is not that I need that control; it is the idea that I cannot have it, which bothers me. They can have the attic, I do not mind, they are already using the shed, I assume! This is there for any wildlife to use now that we managed to evict the wild Kittens. It would not surprise me if birds had bred in there! Mostly it is a wood store.

Here are still a few photos from my last walk. Near the dug up areas on the backroad, I also shot this large and broken stems of a Wild Umbellifer, Wild Carrot, perhaps, and as a maker of bamboo flutes myself, these stems looked oh so appealing to me! They were at least the size of a soprano flute, I guess. As a thirteen year old I was introduced to this anthropologist with a keen interest into the craft of certain musical instruments and taught this at a school for children with learning disabilities.

Teaching a kid with a physical disability was a challenge to him and soon I was off to his wonderful house after school. I hated these schooldays on Saturday morning till 12 or 1pm, this new prospect of learning this new craft worked wonders to keep me concentrating on those lessons.

A few more photos from my last walk to the bay.
Wild Carrot? A different kind of bambooI love these bits of Fluff; isn't Nature great in supplying us with something this cute?Ivy at its work on a Scots' PineI'm still expecting one on my head after riding this main road since 1987Pictures of those named Insects, all taken within the kitchen and the front porch:
Last night's beautiful orange MothIn contrast is this very worn MothBig Spider in the porchSome specie of Fly in the kitchenAnd a few shots from the garden, including the Big Star: Junior, aka JJ. My guess is that it is a confidence problem, now he is getting fame he wants a name without focus on his Juvenile status!
And yes, I will post more of him tomorrow in Birding! Really.


  1. Great pictures and a great read. How on earth did you ever get a picture of that mosquito. They are so small and seem to never stop. Love the pictures of Junior. What a lovely fellow.

  2. It must have been some kind of Fly, Crow; it was about 10mm long. And sitting still for at least 10 minutes. It had tried to get out of the window (open at the top) and decided waiting for me to finish shooting was the easiest option.


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