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Monday, September 22, 2008

Egrets and Micro Moths.

For a while now I have changed my bay visit routines, and have changed these to the high tides in the morning. I initially had changed this to maybe catch a sight of an Otter –or perhaps 2? - And the Common Terns, I would love to see again also.

It has been very cold in the mornings though, which is similar across these Islands.
Yesterday I had taken all my morning photos in RAW, forgetting that I’d loose the EZ in doing so, because the picture quality jumps back to 7megapixels automatically. With the EZ I loose this, but still there are that situation when 18x zoom is not enough. However I also had my pictures of those white birds, over exposed and so not much lost there. Only this morning did I manage a decent picture, the problem is just that they are right across the bay. They do fly in from the west, so perhaps I can find them a mile further on, at the shingle strand, a few hours before high tide, one day where they would be a lot closer to the road than here. Just have to wait another week and a half at least, for this to be at a suitable time. What was unfortunate though, was that in one of the pictures from yesterday, I spotted a Hooded Crow sitting with the Egrets and it was the slight 'difference' in size was immediately apparent and showed how large the Hooded Crow is!

I have been getting quite a few Moths these days, but often send them packing before reaching for my camera. This little “Face Moth” as I have started to call it, had to wait for a few ID-photos though. The face is very eerie when you look close at the Moth; it is so precise and lifelike, that I really love this little Moth. I had to set it outside of course, which is why I rescued it from the blind in the first place. This one can call in again.

Mute Swan,

5, and 2 species, Herons in the Bay, one Grey and 4 Little Egrets (or Silver Heron, as it is called in Dutch-a beautiful name for a Lovely bird.) Each morning I find them on the same spot, first two, then two more fly past the pier towards the others. And always with one Grey Heron, as if he is standing guard, almost!

Blackheaded Gulls, 10 of which greet me every morning in the bay.

different angles and times of day, images of Dunmanus Bay from the pier and the road.

Cormorant, landing at full speed in the water; was a tat misty, this is the best I get out of it. The Cormorants have had a hard time, constantly being dive bombed by the Black headed Gulls, as soon as they get within 30cm of the BHG 'crèche' of where all ten are sunning in their morning reunion. Two will fly up and pester those blackies away, often being repeated several times before the Cormorants give in.

This little "Face-Moth" I found this norming, by opening up the blinds. Isn't it cute?

This Brown, velvet-like Moth has been entering through my windows several times in the last few weeks. Yesterday perhaps for a last time?

Pied Wagtail at the Pier;

A bit of Dunmanus Bay Art?


  1. Looks lovely the Bay, you live in a "canny spot" as they say from where I come from.

  2. oooooooh, I do like that Face Moth. Very cute indeed. Enjoyed your travels once again.

  3. Ah, B.R. canny it is, indeed, and I must admit that I am, even after 21 years living in this particular village, I am still lost for words often enough! which doesn't happen too often. Even though English is my first language only for 25 years.

    Crow, I knew you would like this one. It looked so incospiciously when I saw it first. Only when in the tub did I spot the face. It then straightened up(well 'down' really!) its wings for me too.

    Perhaps to make sure I recognised it as danger which it must mean to predators. Perhaps the Moth with that particular face is poisonous or something?

  4. Had to say that I just looked at your photos in Picasaweb Photo Albums. Never noticed that there before. Guess my head is always on what you write and the pictures, lol. Some great photos there.

  5. Thanks, crow.
    have to admit that I need to add some photos again to picasa and photobucket. cannot find that one commodity, time, though. had planned to edit some of the albums at rehabcare today when InternetExplorer did not work there!


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