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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swede Reaction.

Most of us, cat owners, are aware that our pets can show particular fondness for the smell, or the chemicals in plants such as Cat nip and Cat Mint.

Nina, our white feline, used to have strange taste anyway, and was never fooled by either of the above plants.
For example she used to be a lover of fruit. Well, fruit she was allowed to eat that is. Avacado, Kiwis, Melons, anything I'd be peeling on Sundays for our fruit salads, and when she started licking the inside of the peels, I would cut her slivers of the fruits she preferred, and she would love these.

Last Friday, I was peeling slices of Turnip, or Swedes, as the English call these root vegetables.
As usual I dropped the waste into the yellow microwave lids. Nina, looking for a snack or just attention, jumped onto the table and became very interested in the peel of the vegetable I was preparing. However not once did she look at the peeled cubes in the bowl- all her attention was on what was in the yellow lid.

It was hard to prevent her from tipping the thing off the table, but it was even harder to keep on going.
I have no idea which chemical is inside this skin. Perhaps someone can tell us this, who knows.
I can only guess that celeriac and Fennel have similar chemicals because celery stalks/leaf is the top of the roots, growing underground.
If anyone can tell me more, please do; this silly cat has roused my curiosity now.

It was hard to get any decent pictures as 'madame' was so incredibly High that she was not only unstoppable, but she was moving so fast too. And of course right underneath my nose, leaving me not much distance; All she wanted was to rub her nose right into the inside of the Turnip's skin.


  1. Oh, what funny pictures! Your cat looks like quite a character.

  2. She is quite a character indeed!

  3. lol, that's so funny. I wonder what it is about the turnip that attracted her.

  4. Yes, me too, OC. I'd love to discover this.
    She really went ballistics and the table had more veggie waste scattered about than newspaper bits (which is what it is famous for, because I sometimes have problems reading articles in one go. So I cut them out.

    If you know of anyone with an idea, reroute your way back to me.

  5. Pleased to come across your blog. I belong to Disability Arts Cymru. I love your cat!

  6. thanks for dropping by, CC. Like your card setup.


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