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Save Dunmanus Bay

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life along the road and in the garden.

My cold has been keeping me indoors, apart from brief spins to Eddy's, my local shop. I've been missing my regular visits to the bay, and to see what, if , has changed and to point my lens to the birds in the water and those, foraging in the mud.
So this is what I did see.
Along the road I saw plenty of life and even colour which were trying to cheer me up when I passed Saturday on my way home after having picked up the Irish Times in the shop.
The birds must be delighted with these Wild Ivy berries which are ripening a lot slower than those which grow near the pier. There were many, at various stages too, some even still having to start getting into shape at all.

This was peeping through the hedgerow a little from the estate entrance, and I suspect that it is an escapee from the garden behind it. And I've missed the best flowering period, it seems as it is fading already. But who cares. It's about the colour!

And as last, the glorious Daisy!

A few birds which called in over the last few days:
Chaffinch, female.

2 male Bullfinches had been checking me out since early December and called in a few times since. They never stay for long, and never really touch much of the food either. Last winter and last summer, it was a male and female which

Blue Tit:

Our juvenile Jackdaw, JJ: He still loves posing while he is filling his stomach



  1. The plants are marvelous. Hard to believe that you're seeing those at this time of year...I'm green with envy, lol. Love the bird pictures. That JJ is quite the poser.

  2. Thanks, Crow; I can hardly believe it myself. Last year I'd already seen a Primrose in early January!

    JJ is a great poser indeed, and he loves twisting and turning in front of the camera, as long as there is a little food in return.

  3. Yoke - whilst you must be missing your "bay" trips, you've found some wonderful wildlife in spite of this.

    As OC says - great to see flowers at this time of the year; so cheery!!

    Like the flowers pics especially. :D

  4. Tricia, it is amazing what even the smallest flower, like a "simple" Daisy can do to your state of mind in mid winter!
    Andrew, you'll see more of him perhaps, whenever there's a spot for him?


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