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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My camera is going on a trip

I've been down in the dumps lately, bit out of sorts too. It is my poor camera, she is not working properly any more.

The poor girl's optic nerve is on the blink and after talking with the guy in Dublin where I had bought miss Lumix, he thinks that he will need to send her on to Panasonic for a new lens bloc, aftre he has received the camera from me over the post.
We talked for at least an hour or something and he was really supportive. Not only about my non-working camera, but about the special lenses which Panasonic makes for their Lumix models.

I have long been thinking about getting the tele conversion lens and the polarizing filter. Especially the filter is a must because of the photography I do at the bay, because the reflection there has been bothering me from the start.

Anyway, after searching high (not easy in a ground level house) and low for suitable boxes in which I can send the camera, I headed down to the shop where the only suitable box was one in which they collect batteries, which are then collected by the council for recycling. The next one, too big, went into the bag, which would have to do. I was sure that Francis could create something out of it. (yes, I know, it is very silly that I do not have thew original box any more. But that is part of living in a small house.

With a good knife and glue, the box has really lost weight. Tomorrow I will go down into town where I hope to get bubblewrap (the only bubblewrap we've got at home is on an industrial roll, up in the loft. This my OH got from Viking Direct when we'd first started talking about moving and he thought it was a good idea to have it.

So I hope I can send her off to Dublin tomorrow. I just hope I get it back for spring.
On the other hand (oops!- I only have the use of one!) it will provide me with time to start organising my photos and to get a lot of other stuff done.


  1. Good luck with your camera. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  2. disaster!!!!!

    hope it is ok. you need a back up :D

  3. Disaster is too small a word, Pete!

    Are you offering a back-up? :)
    I am just hoping that it would not take too long to replace the lens-bloc. Want to have it back before all spring flowers have faded. Same with my courting birds...

    I have no money for a back-up now, unfortunately. And I would not know what to choose as a backup.

    Rena, Pete, Thanks for your support, guys.

  4. Hope you get your camera fixed and sent back to you very soon. Like Pete says about having a back up camera, I too should have one. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to the one I have.

  5. Thanks Guys, your support has been great! And I do need it.

    Mind you, perhaps I can get a lot of other work done finally.

    And post the old photos I still have.
    At least the guy in Dublin was very understanding and I'm sure he won't mind, when I call for updates.
    That support is one of the advantages when buying from a family business instead of the mass market ones.
    So now I'm glad I paid that little bit extra.


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