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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feline Paws & Tail in the composter?

I use those yellow, plastic "microwave lids" usually to collect my dinner's vegetable waste, which can then be moved outside to the composter.
The other day, after we had eaten, Nina, our cat, jumped onto the table and settled herself inside one of these lids, sat up, and curled the tail 'round her bum. Typically feline.

Only here and there a little bit of potato peel and that kind of stuff, was visible between her feet.

I am not sure if, but she might have stimulated the whole composting process?

And to close, also a glance through the window got me these images on my camera:

One of the Goldcrests,

The two Robins are now arriving and feeding together. One in centre and the other between pots on the left.


  1. Love seeing your cat in the bowl. Isn't it funny the places they like to sit. Mine loves to get in the laundry baskets.

  2. I think they provide "cosy places" and Nina proved that when she curled her tail around. Something they like doing when they feel comfy and settled. Yes, laundry baskets would be perfect as well!
    I assume you've a separate one for you and the kids?


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