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Monday, December 22, 2008

After the frost

Since moving to Ireland in 1983, we have seen one very severe winter and summer in 1984, when, living at Bantry's harbour, it was easier to get out of town by boat than by bus, car or shoe! That summer, my mother visited for the first time, packed with jumpers, rain coat and other "keeping warm" stuff. Which in any summer would be wise-to-bring- garments. No one expected a heatwave, but that is what we got.
Living in a relative tropical corner of the world, I had not expected frost last week. But that is what I found on the lid of my composter. It being a lose piece of ice, the idea was to bring it indoors for photos. Things got in the way and I placed it atop a metal or steel pole. As soon as the camera got out, drizzle started, yet this was over soon.
Because it was raing, the ice on the pole started to melt also and soon it started to tilt. So I was working fast. Shooting underneath was difficult, also because drops started forming at the edge, not less challenging though!

A bit of toying with brightness and contrast got me these results:

this horizontal photo for example,

got a totally new meaning when flipped vertical and a face has appeared suddenly,

You've got to love a headdress like this one. The light on the left seems to accentuate it somehow.

Mind you, it might well be that this is the last frost we'll see till February! And it was on the morning of the 15th if anyone likes comparing temperatures.


  1. Thanks Crow. It was great fun taking them and playing with later.

    Pity it such a warm spot! : D

  2. Nice pictures Yoke.... look stunning against your black background. Will you be taking up the birding challenge.... :-) All the best BR


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