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Save Dunmanus Bay

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Think Tricia needs a captain with ferry, so she can..

get across that pond of hers without getting her feet wet when going to that Bushy Park of hers!


  1. Sounds good to me Yoke - great post! LOL.

  2. Was confused with going to Richmond Park yet labelled Bushy Park! so googled.
    not that I understand it now.

  3. your pic yoke is of Bushy park Tasmania Australia!!

  4. Yoke - I see what you mean. I've now added the label "Richmond Park" and removed Bushey Park (from the post on my blog to which you are refering ). The last two pictures I took in Home Park (which is also known as Hampton Court Park).

    As Pete mentions, it would appear that there's a Bushy Park in Australia as well as the one near Hampton Court.

    If you go to the page that you "linked" to and scroll to the bottom, you'll find another link to my local Bushey Park.

    It would seem that sometimes the spelling of the Park is "Bushy" rather than "Bushey" (as it should be).

    Hope this all helps :)

  5. Pete, you did not think that there was only one Mr. Bush(e)y in the world, did you?

    As such, the name Bushy without the e is much more appropriate for an Australian Park than England, if you add an out in front!

    Thanks for the explaining, Tricia.


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