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Save Dunmanus Bay

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hedgerow Illuminated

I've always loved hedgerows; they are so alive with little colonies, and are in fact a warren of different lifeforms, all varying in size, specie or source of food needed to keep them alive. And ecerytime I am astonished to see predator and prey living quite close together within these living high rise communities. Here a House Sparrow takes advantage of the veggies growing in his roof terrace, and whilst waiting for the crop to ripen he feeds on the Insects attracted by the safety the leaves and buds of this Wild Ivy offered. Which in turn had to fight the Holly for space on the hedgerow to growAnd although seeing Holly with its berries delights me, I am not so sure of the fruit the next hedgerow offers to us and more importantly, the Birds and other creatures depending on them.And down the far end of the bay, where I usually stop for photos of Herons or Little Egrets, something else seemed illuminating the landscape today, right on the inner most bank I found these Nasturtiums, obviously escaped from either garden or more likely a tidy towns' planter, These Nasturtium would have the perfect view over the bay from where they grow and look at this,
While this is the view eastwards into the heart of Dunmanus from the bridge at the COI.
also this gives a good indication of the width of our cosy bay, and the distance my Lumix needs to cover to capture Herons, Egrets or Cormorants; all favouring the deeper end which runs along the far bank with the trees.
I could not resist a picture of this late blooming BrambleOne thing is for sure: One truckdriver is not very happy to fork out the money for new lights and whatever damage he caused to his truck. And I wonder what will be living in these lights in a year, say.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures are very nice indeed.

  2. Thank you, Crow. It was a strange discovery that those lights. I will get a better picture later on when the Sun will not as bright in my eye. You see, I could not see anything at all either on the LCD. And when cars are rushing by and taking off your ear and wheel almost, you cannot hesitate too much. One of those moments I wish for another hand (literally in this case) which I could use to offer me a little bit of shade.


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