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Monday, October 20, 2008

Some of Last month's Insects.

When at Rehabcare, I always need to take time outside. Also a leftover from the smoking days I guess, plus I need the fresh air and such. I usually sit and wait at the planters with Nasturtium, where I'm bound to spot anything with six legs and wings. I love it how sitting still just brings them to you-well as long as your waitingroom has plenty of juice in its flowers. I often sit like this along the backroads and main roads too, something not very suitable really and certainly not in summer with its continental tourists which still have difficulty coming to terms with Left-hand driving.

Sometimes the Lumix still surprises me, in how her photos turn out in detail, like with these Insects.

Last month I finally saw the Red Admiral Butterfly I had been hoping to spot this summer. It took me long enough, even though I am living right within its favourite veggie shop, so to speak.
These photos I took on one of my trips to the bay. It was the Little Egret photos which, on that day, took precedence.

I stopped when I spotted a Bee walking from one head of Hedge Parsley flowers to the next, smaller head of the same plant. So of course, I had to stop and watch it sample the different wares on offer.

A little earlier, at the shingle strand, where the Wild Strawberries grow beside the bridge, and along the backroad, I'd spotted these,

A 2nd generation Red Admiral Butterfly

Wild Strawberry with Insect:
'Junior', I'm just as Big as the Other One! !

And here with a Wasp,

I love the Sun reflecting off the wings of this one: (any ideas as to its name?)

Isn't the grass always greener on the other side? This Bee I spotted sitting in the middle of the flower-head first, and then it started to take nectar from the small one ahead before making the crossing itself eventually. It had me sitting mesmerised at the side of the road for ages, not hearing(in a way) the cars going past, inches from my wheels. Funny what can have us humans occupied so much.

Wild Strawberry


  1. I enjoyed the photos Yoke. I know what you mean when you say that you get so wrapped up in looking at an insect that you forget what's happening around you, lol.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one, Crow.

    I have it with all aspects of nature; On the little higer backroad, I've had cars or large milk tankers creep up on me whenever I was following a Butterfly, Moth, or Birds, I would be trying to get forward very slowly and with as little noise as possible. And then suddenly you need to get back/forward very quick, getting to the nearest farmer's gate or other passable spot where I can park my wheels safely without the risk of sinking into wet sand.
    luckily the drivers are all having a sense of humour and patience too!
    On the main road people/cars don't seem to possess this luxery any more.


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