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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wings, wheels and Long Legs

Leaving my birds in the capable wings of Junior, I left for Rehabcare again for a chat and lunch.
Rehabcare is a kind of day-centre for people with physical, sensory disabilities, and it also has a wing for people with intelectual disabilities. {a big word for some lovely people though! }However it is not your ordinary day centre where users hang about, waiting for tea, coffee or lunch. Here, people come who still have an active mind, Work on exercise machines, do crosswords, take part in cooking, gardening, PC, writing or painting classes, etc.
The main reason I go is to talk to people with the use of one hand, after stroke, for my One Handed Booklet.

The garden of the centre is where wheelies and other users get into gardening and therefore has raised flower and veggie beds and the main vegetable garden is divided into small plots. The garden is mostly tended to by the users of the section for those with mental disabilities, where each can grow his or her favourite vegetable. It is not often that Lumix and I venture into the main veggie bit.
At first I went Bee and Butterfly hunting among the beds near the building, a Large White soon got my attention, as it was flying above the large Nasturtiums in one of the raised beds. It let me come very close while it was still flying about and once it had landed. Then it took off around the corner and as I followed it I drifted a wee bit off course and sank into the mud. Getting onto the path again was one of those typical no-hopers on your own, but luckily I got help from two of the girls, working here.

Needless to say, I had to stay on the path! Hence my visit to the vegetable garden. {I have bit of trouble staying indoors} The Butterflies here were all at the other side of the fruit trees, too far off. The Artichokes did catch my eye as did a handsome and very ordinary Spider. You know how architectural plants and Grasses are in vogue these days {while I always liked them, without the need of plants men/women telling me of their uses, like Artichokes and Grasses.} Well, this Spider struck me because of its structure and its shadow, faint as it maybe. I’d really love to have a Macro lens, one day.

Then you get back home and notice that the Jackdaws had done another disappearing act with my peanut cake tub again.

DunnockJunior in the rain, yesterdayHouse Spider above my tableArtichokesLarge White ButterflyHouse Spider in the SunWild Fuchsia


  1. Aww, poor Junior, he looks so wet and forlorn, lol. Yes, you must get a macro lens. You, like me enjoy taking pictures of small things up close. You'll love it. That white butterfly is beautiful. There have been a few around here this summer but they won't land. The Rehabcare place sounds great.

  2. Indeed, would love a Macro lens, but it is all down to money! As usual.
    I was so amazed at the Large White, s/he allowed me to sit almost on top of it, and I was very moving my whees ever so slow, afraid to move the air in which s/he sat; I think small creatures can sense change in air-vibration more than noise or sight. Therefore they'd move off or scare sooner from when you suddenly move towards them, or when you have a heavy thud when walking. that's my reasoning anyway.
    It was with the girls of Rehabcare that I went to Mizen Head.


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