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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Macro Moth {Update}

Oops! Sorry, forgot to publish the text! Silly me. So here goes:
The Brownish Moth in the bathroom on Sunday night had eluded me since then, and left me wondering sometimes if it had found its way out again? This morning however, as Francis opened the curtains in the living room, I could see something flutter behind the nets.
After Francis had left for town, I went over with a container. Actually I had the idea that it could be a Cinnabar also; I thought I’d seen something reddish, but it was hard to see from 5 metres distance.

A closer look revealed a beautiful brown Moth, which I think was the one I had seen on Sunday. {As I write this, at 9pm, with the lights on, I can suddenly see a tiny Micro Moth fluttering above my table, and then as you look up, has disappeared. Do any of you, readers; have such an abundance of Moths inside? Or is it the Brambles and Nettles in my garden? Or is it just me? It has disappeared now of course; will most likely find it somewhere tomorrow, when my trusty container will take it outside again. }
The Moth had hidden itself behind the curtain in the dead corner against the wall and bottom of the window, nice and dim. It walked easily into its container, one about 12cm tall; as I’ve “lost” a Moth before from a smaller one. It was soon obvious though that this one was not inclined into escaping whatsoever. Even outside, when it felt the breeze on its body and wings, it only crawled further into the tub.
Even when it did decide to come out, it kept hanging onto the tub. To make sure it was alright, I had a closer look, before it ‘fell off’ the tub. Not knowing where it had gone, I searched all over my feet, and the hem of my leggings. The last thing I wanted was bring it back indoors. Nor did I want to leave it stranded on the path, but not knowing where it was, I had to move my wheels somehow, without flattening it. Of course, I hear you say, that it had flown off safely, but how could I be sure?
As I moved back my wheels, little by little, I heard this eerie high-pitched sound, a creature’s call, moving the wooden blocks from where it came, did not result in any sight of the caller.
Eventually I went inside, believing that Moth and caller were OK. All I had left now was a set of pictures, and I was anxious to see them. Would these help me in finding an ID? I hope so.
The photos are showing me that this Moth is coming straight out of Hogworts; the wizards there would be jealous of this beautiful cloak with its own magical powers no doubt. Perhaps Flying is one of them?
{Francis has already set Micro Moth outside. Light Brownish with dots, mix between Ermine and the one on the kitchen door, last Wednesday. Only little darker.

It seemed to feel quite safe at the bottom, showing its Wizard's Cloak,With all its might did it hang onto my tub


  1. I believe we have moths like this one here. So interesting aren't they!

  2. Aw, Crow, get us a picture of yours.


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