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Friday, July 25, 2008

Brown Macro Moth Again

Sorry, if I become boring and please let me know if so.
An hour ago, at 9pm, I was startled to suddenly see the Brown Unidentified Moth land on my laptop! {Yes, Pete, I did order the Moth book plus a Wild Flower one and something else too; } It then moved onto my fruit bowl on my table, and by the time I was there {fruit bowl is next to the door to the garden} is had moved...? I have no idea where it is now; did it manage to get out, once I opened the door? I hope so.

Actually, I don't think this Brown Moth was the same one from Sunday night; I've got the feeling that their colouring is too different. This one is brown, Sunday's one was marbled brown and silver-grey. I do hope I can find time to join the yahoo Moth group, tomorrow.

It is strange that with such a little creature you can build up such a bond, even if its only on my side and not on the Moth's side. Once you've got Moth returning, or the same species appear in your kitchen, like the Small Magpie Moth of which I've had 5 induviduals either outside on my windows{twice}, or indoors in the kitchen.{three times}, youstart to feel this special feeling inside you which made you wonder what it is which has them come to you?

I've never even considered a Moth trap; and why would I? With such a wild garden, I get them anyway!
Also, today, I had this Bee come into the kitchen, which quite seemed to enjoy the Basil's leaves. even though it offers no food whatsoever to Bees.



  1. My dear Yoke, you're not the least bit boring. Keep up the good work. Getting a book on moths is a great idea, you seem to have an abundance of them.

  2. Found out yesterday that this is a fairly common Moth, called Dark Arches Moth.

    I really think it is gorgeous, in contrast to most other Moths, I've had and seen these last 7 months or so, this one looks strong and not as delicate and flimsy as most of the others.

    Perhaps because it's a Macro one? Or is it the beautiful Wizard's cloak that he's wearing?

    I've joined a Yahoo Moth group, and there they gave me the ID. So now the hunt is on for IDs of the other two Micro Moths. {or will I wait for the book to arrive, see if I can find out myself?

    Thanks for your comments, Crow.

  3. The book at Amazon, you tipped me on, Pete. the Concise Guide plus one on Wildflowers too

    The Brown Macro Moth might be a Dark Umber and a male. If I can use it right yet.


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