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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finally, a Macro Moth!

Sunday night I found a gorgeous and large moth in the bathroom, and it actually looked more like a Fritillary Butterfly, which I had looked at in trying to ID the micro Moth which I found on the floor in the kitchen on Wednesday, after having found another one on Wednesday morning. [One starts almost thinking that the full moon on Friday might have anything to do with the abundance of flipflaps as my mother and grandmothers used to call any Moth in the house. I would have to try and catch all Moths which were to be found in the bedroom of my mother, or my grandmother, depending on where I was at that moment. Mostly I would capture a White Ermine, which is why its whirling noise sounded so familiar when I had one at the window behind me. For my sister I’d have to catch Spiders on her bike and later her Vespa in the shed, an ideal environment for these creatures. In our previous house, with those foam tiles on the ceiling, I’d be able to hear spiders walking on the ceiling. Eyes closed, I would point out the spider’s whereabouts above our bed and I was always spot on.

Back to my Mystery Moth in the bathroom: the find of this brown beauty made me rush to get my camera, and I was glad that it was still enjoying our hospitality, yet as soon as the flash went of, it was decided that this particular light source was a little too much and so it opted for the hall and I presume that from there it went into the workroom.
I’m pleased with how the photo worked out; its right legs had just left the surface of the door and with only its right forewing stretched out, as well as both fore and rear wings on the left, it has shed a little more light onto how Moths and Butterflies take off.

With both left wings visible, it gives a decent link into finding its ID. At least with this one I can try and start searching under Brown Moths on the UKMoths website.
The other two Unidentified Moths, I had in the kitchen on Wednesday, were both much harder to search for. And I still have to join up with the Yahoo Moth group, to see if they could possibly help me out.

Mystery Macro Moth,Turned out to be A Dark Arches Moth


  1. cor you've changed the colour !!

    have you seen this

  2. Thanks, Pete; I've had a look at this ringbound version elsewhere and this looks good price too.

    I quote one of the customer reviews:

    "t does make the identification of similar species quite easy .. its weakest point are pugs.. these are still a nightmare to deal with anyway...

    any idea what they are talking about?


  3. not a thing!! try this


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