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Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't tell the children

In November 2010, I had wanted to take part in the Blogblast for Peace 2010.
Internet problems had me locked out for about a week. I had wanted to post a poem which I wrote six years ago.

Don’t tell the children

What we’ve done to our planet

Now bare and black.

Don’t tell the children

The valley was lush and green

Insects buzzing, and

Wild Flowers growing in the fields,

Burn those pictures

Of Dolphins, Tigers, Birds and Otters.

So they cannot be missed.

Throw away your old fishing rod

The rivers are empty and dark

Never let them know

How we loved fluffy, furry pets

Robots are not the same.

They will never want to fly

No birds to inspire,

No sense of freedom in the air.

No more forest walks, nor trips down to the seaside.

The Woods are poisoned, the beach eroded

the sea polluted and burns the skin.

They won’t get to know the joy of childbirth

Intimacy is non-existent

In cloning the perfect child.

Let them live in innocence

Of how the world was once

Before we took control.

by Yoke Daams.


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