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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ice bubbles.

Air bubbles trapped in ice as the water froze over.

I was mostly intrigued by the patterns which were created by the ice in the wheelbarrow. Unfortunately I could not get close enough for detailed photos, and the this picture gives a rough idea from a distance.

Was great to see it growing in thickness. And then the winds changed to westerns again, so the frost was send onto a low burner until the next dip.

And from this

into this:


  1. Nature never ceases to amaze me - we just have to look at it at all different levels, loved the bubble shots Yoke

  2. I found your blog by searching for images of ice. I was out on our lake in Madison, Wisconsin USA yesterday ice skating and noticed amazing bubbles. They were above objects that were laying on the lake bottom, about a meter or less below. The bubbles were in the shape of the object, like a sort of print or shadow. One of the best was of a cement block and another of a sort of wooden object with slats. I'm trying to find out what caused it. It's unusual for the ice to be so clear, so maybe there are always bubbles like that but they usually aren't visible. Anyhow, in a few days, I will have the photos up on my blog. I really enjoyed your photos, including the birds and the macros of insects. Keep up the lovely work.

  3. Interesting shots of the ice bubbles. We should take closer looks at things around us.

  4. Thank you all for visiting Wildlife on wheels. and for your love comments.

    Andrew, nature is amazing and I think that we take too much for granted.

    Carolina, I hope to see your images soon, and will check out your blog. I bet you were the only one looking deeper into the lake through the ice! It is surprising what ends up in our rivers, oceans and lakes.

    Crow, Our excuse for not observing things around us is our rush for time, From a distance it all looks the same as yesterday, while underneath the landscape changes continuously.
    We just need to stand still now and then and open our eyes properly to see its real beauty.

  5. Excellent shots!! salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona

  6. Thank you for visiting this blog, Francesco and for your lovely comment.

  7. Wwa, that is great!! ice bubbles.. here never pass that..

  8. How cool.... what a unique "subject" to capture as well....Nature never ceases to provide with opportunities to shoot shots even when you least expect them huh? Happy to have run across your blog and looking forward to following your adventures!


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