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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rosemary herb

I've been ab;e to get out, but I did have a closer look at my Rosemary herb. I propagated it from a plant in a large planter, planted by the County council. It is unusual in that it has tiny lilac flowers, while most Rosemary herbs have white flowers. It flowers most of the time. A little like Gorse, Ulex europaeus, which also seem to be in flower at all times.

I just love these tiny flowers;

Tomorrow I might be able to get out and see what else is in flower. I hardly ever photograph my own plants; I rather focus on wild flowers.

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  1. Thinking of sowing some Rosemary seeds as its great to just pop into the garden and snip a bit off when you like, its so powerful that you don't need much. I too love getting plants for free by propagating from established plants. My favorite so far is a cutting taken from a white Hydragea. It's coming along a treat


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