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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love is... 2 cosy snails.

I don't think we need any text for this one, do we?

This is what I tried to take pictures of, in a moderate breeze, making it very awkward.

Then my lens dropped lower..
and guess what?
A pair of snails.

Some other recent pictures.

Placing a Small Magpie Moth back into the garden.

In the garden,


At the coastal road, Common Scurvy Grass,Cochlearia officinalis.
young leaves are lovely in your salads, but the leaves have to be young. Otherwise they get bitter. So don't wait too long.

I used to put any seed into compost, including those tiny Kiwi fruit seeds.

Tulip in Bantry.


  1. The magpie moth is very pretty. I do not see them so much these days.

    Snails.....I always think they look so pretty.
    I leave mine to do their own thing. They are never too much of a problem as the songthrush or hedgehog make a meal of them at some point.

    I think everyone has bittercress in the garden. I have used the leaves in salads and I agree young they are very tasty.

    A lovely post......I enjoyed my visit.

  2. hi Cheryl, welcome to Wildlife on Wheels. Glad you like my place here in bloggosphere.

    People will pull up Bittercvress and throw it further into the garden, not thinking twice of what the 'weed' was. It is a real micro flower in botany.
    my "young leaves in salads" was referring to the Scurvy Grass. Never tried Bittercress; will try it tomorrow; lots of Bittercress around me here.
    I find a Small Magpie Moth almost every day. I think cause I have lots of singing Nettle in the garden. (their foodplant) And I too love them.

  3. Aren't the snails wonderful. Great pictures. I like the magpie moth. So pretty.


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