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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black garden Ants, Lasius niger

The other day, when I opened the kitchen(outside) door, a little spider caught my eye. I then spotted quite a few of Ants, destined on taking this food source with them somehow.

Thing was that the Ants were so quick, it was very hard to get a look, let alone a proper photo of the poor little Spider.

It being far from easy, all theml running about vertically on the wall at the door, I thought that these Ants would be there every day, so instead I focussed in on another little Spider plus a tiny micro Moth.
Just look at this intricate design.

And have a look at the markings on this Spider's body.


  1. Nice shots Yoke. I really like the last one of the spider. I'm amazed that you got such good pictures of the ants. They do indeed move fast.

  2. Tey move incredibly fast. I used my macro lens on them. I'm sytill learning to get used to it, so I like focussing it around whatever is in the house also. And it's amazing how many little legs you can find. I was lucky in spotting the Moth. (which made me think of you, Crow. Now the joy starts of finding its ID.

    Bumbles are about and the Sun is starting to try and get a foothold between two knitted clouds, and Primroses have come out too. Spring is here, but you do have to wait a little longer, i'm afraid.


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