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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My cat is crazy about carrotine

The main part of my dinner consists of grated carrots. Later I will add roasted mushrooms (sliced) through this, and sometimes a little Parmesan cheese (also grated.)

I'm not talking recipes here, nor talking lifestyles. What has intrigued me is that Nina out cat is crazy about the carrot peel, or other bits of raw carrot. She will be licking the peel or piece of carrot, and turn it, and herself, about and round & round on the table, and if I'm not on the case, she'll turn the whole lot of veggie peel onto the floor, just because she's so hot about carrots.
has any of you see a similar behaviour, or heard/read about this?

(Could it be that as a white cat she is yearning for a bit of carrotine, to give her white fur a little colouring? (the natural colouring of animals is (in) carrotine. As example: the carrotine in certain Caterpillars gives Blue Tits their yellow breast. If they fail to find these, the offspring will turn out a lot paler.)

OK, I know, this has nothingto do with Wildlife, conservation, etc. However I am really interested, even without the cat, in what is this chemical or in carrotine? Because I also wonder if it has a similar effect on other species of the Cat family.

nina has been doing this for awhile, it is not just a feline whim or something.

I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Yoke, your cat is gorgeous! I can't help you with regards to the carotene but love seeing the photos of Nina.

  2. Well, she loves the camera!

    realised I'd posted a similar post on her being mad of the peel of swedes (turnip) last year and I'm now intend on finding out before I post about Nina loving Parsnip in 2010, lOL.


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