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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

EU ban on seal trade

Although I have followed the campaign to get the EU to ban the trade in Seal products like furs, etc, my blogging mind has been muddled with a lot of other stuff lately, including Elly's passing.

It will be quite a challenge for the EU when she takes on Norway and Canada at the World Trade Organisation. The European Parliament needs to pass it this month, which looks like it will find no opposition.

The Canadian Trade minister, Stockwell Day, never even hinted at the manner in which these Seals are killed when he issued a statement in which he said:

We are disappointed that a ban is being considered. Canada will consider all the options available to us in order to protect the livelihood of coastal and northern Canadians and their families,,blockquote"

The fact that the Seals are skinned and tapped for blood, while the animal is still alive, is something which makes me just incredibly angry.
Is there something missing in the consciousness of those people which can only think of killing other creatures, in a very inhumane way? Be it in Canada, or Norway.


  1. Yep, it’s shocking and so much of it goes on… Sadly it’s often a case of ignorance is bliss, sad but true.

    All they have to do is farm the seals! And then kill them humanely, that way no one is expecting them to be jobless, in fact it may create more jobs for those living in the northern areas of Canada.

    But no, that’s too difficult and would cost money in the initial set up. Instead it’s ok to kill these animals in such barbaric ways.

  2. I've always dreaded March month when all the sealers go out to the ice fields. As there are many sealers here in this province, the news in March is often full of sealing news. It's a barbaric practice!! The sooner it's banned all over the better. I'm getting choked up here now and can't say any more. I get so enraged just thinking about it.

  3. I know. we make a choice to move to a certain foreign country, either because of its attractive landscape, better politicals, or because we are fed up or in danger back in the "home" country.

    And only later you become aware of certain practices and you might become (sometimes again!) ashamed of having nationalised or of your resident country, for whose politics you have chosen, so many years ago.
    I remember, in the 80's there was talk of Ireland joining the US as a new state, and I was certain to leave Eire if that would happen!
    (will do a post on this, the pros and cons of leaving of emigrating in regards to the wildlife politics/care.)

    Liz, I like your idea of Seal farms.

    Girls, we're still a long way from global ban and adherence to this.
    Which does not mean we should not hope for and fight for this.


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