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Friday, May 8, 2009

Bank Vole, Clethrionomys glareolus

Bank Vole, Clethrionomys glareolus

The other day this small Rodent entered our house for a brief period, before it died of its internal injuries. It had been brought into the garden by a cat and then escaped indoors.
I have no idea what species it is, not one I have come across before.

It is grey with black, and very small. It is about 6cm long, 1.5cm wide. Its tail is about 5cm, I think. And it is also very very cute.

It has been a bit of a bad and very sad story this spring and a bad beginning of summer.


  1. It looks like a Vole of some sort, poor thing...

    Field Vole? Water Vole?

    Most likely the former...

  2. its my mate frank!!

    sorry bad joke! my guide are at home and I'm not :D

  3. especially as the poor chap died! looks vole like

  4. Vole was my first reaction too, but checking all the pics, I did not see any comparison-likeness.

    Pete, I'd think your mate is some kind of Quaking Duck, if your avatarshows any likeness to you, or are you into mixed specie- relationships? LOL

  5. LOL, that's so funny what you said to Pete.
    Wish I could help with the ID but I haven't a clue what the little creature is.

  6. Thanks Crow.

    What I said to Pete? 2well, He started it!


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