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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild Spring Flowers

Although I have not been blogging lately, we are doing OK. busy, and with a horrible wind blowing about the house. plus the occasional?? rain showers.
It is a pity because I would love to get out onto the road with my wheels, onto the backroad and to the bay, to check the birds there and before reaching the bay, having a look at the Blackthorn buds, the Aran Lily plants (sorry, cannot find the post) which I photographed last autumn, its variegated leaves a mystery to me, until Roger B. helped me out. And I would like to see how the leaves have grown.
On Monday, I had my camera with me when going to the shop and on my way home I spotted these lovely Lesser Celandine. These are typical spring flowers and they are a good sign of spring as springflower in the wild.
Lesser Celandine:

And although I have not seen any Blackthorn buds yet, on this piece of the back road, because they all grow on the other side, but I did spot these buds of catkins perhaps?

In the garden it is mostly Chaffinches and Chaffinches. usually we see 6 females a day and 3-5 males, and battles are fought on a regular basis. One poor chappie has still a very light breast and he is being hunted by the wrong sex, because it is those with a nice ruddy breast which get the attentions.
Our pale Chaffinch pal:

One of the ruddy, redbreasted Chaffinch males:

He Loves me..., He Loves Me not....,

Some of the ladies:

Pied Wagtail,

Here's Looking At You!
A different view of and JJ,
two of our Blue Tits


  1. Pretty pictures! We're still only seeing winter birds here -- red breasted nuthatches, black capped chickadees and the such. In fact, we're due for another foot of snow tomorrow, or so they're saying, so I think spring is a long ways away for us still.

  2. While the rest of the west coast is covered with snow these last few days, again, after this severe winter, we are still OK, a lot of rain.
    I'm intrigued by your birds. Sound very interesting and will source them later.

  3. I absolutely love that picture of JJ. The flowers are lovely. How lucky to be able to see them so early in the year.

  4. Thanks, Crow. I really had trouble to stop laughing when I opened up JJ.'s picture!
    Actually he does look at the window in that manner, quite often I spot him doing so! would that mean something?


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