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Save Dunmanus Bay

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A quick ride to and fro.

like I said on Birding on Wheels, I went for a quick ride to my local patch, the Bay. Also, I wanted to check on the Arum Lilies along the back road of which I posted some pictures last autumn, asking for an ID. These have spread out and the leaves are looking lovely and these leaves would actually look great as a potplant. (Not necessarily the Lily itself, just the leaves remind me much of houseplants I used to have in Utrecht.)

The road surface was in a horrible state. Torrential rains just wash away the surface, and has been doing so ever since it was put on. and with the road sloping down on both sides, creating a rounded shape, it is a dangerous one to travel for me. Any car, coming on to me or from behind, scares the life out of me, if I'm honest with you.
Moving to, and staying put on, the side of this narrow road, creates the risk of getting stuck into the gruond next to the road. With these same rains soaking the ground also, I could run aground easily and with nasty consequences. I had problems with taking this road already back when we were living at the end of this back road, from '87 till 2001. Despite the beautiful scenery and landscape of the hills, I would usually take the mainroad to the village.

Halfway, I remembered that I had promised myself not to go here any more, because of how dangerous the road had become, but wanting to see how the Lilies had grown, I went ahead.
At the church of Ireland, I paused on the bridge, next to our former cottage. I always need a little moment to have a look at the life down in the water, little moving shells, legs or fins, all hold my fascination.
the Rooks and Hooded rows were calling overhead, and along the river I noticed how they had cut down the giants, after these had died down last autumn. mind you, there were enough of them showing new life also. The leaves look very tempting to eat raw in a green salad, yet I'd advise anyone to keep themselves from picking these, as, like the rhubarb leaves, they are poisinous to us.

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