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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Humble Dandelion

Last Wednesday night was full moon and the next day a nice day. Cloudy, yet the wind had died down a little. Francis warned me it was going to rain, but I just needed to go. Last year I had trouble with photographing Dandelions and Hawkbits. Ordinary weeds in most people's eyes, but in mine these are lovely flowers.
At the roadside I spotted about half a dozen of Dandelions in various stages of opening up. I was thrilled to bits with my find! While I was trying to find my best position for my photography, and then during the clicking of my shutter, the rain came down. well, it started as a lovely drizzle or a nice summer shower. Whilst trying to protect the camera, I kept clicking.
Here are just a few of those on the ground:

Gorse flowers is another of those flowers which I find very hard to take pictures of, they are often too many bunched together and you need to be close to focus on just the one flower. So imagine my joy when I found this single one right above the Dandies!

And these are hanging from the little tree in front of my house in the garden below us.

This one I found this morning, growing immediately in front of my gate. A nice sunny good morning.

Along the road the Blackthorn's flowers are almosdt ready. Making me very anxious for their beauty.

Nina was curious about this vent one day, trying to climb up over the outer wall of the house. Later it seemed that she had heard the buzzing of a Bumblebee which must have gone inside to wait out the shower. It is of course a nice sheltered spot!


  1. Nothing humble about the dandelion.
    Love the daisy shot

  2. this morning again I was looking down at a Dandelion with the camera in my bag, yet I was afraid of overdoing it.
    Aren't Daisies something different?

  3. I think Dandelions are wonderful. So bright and cheerful looking. They tend to pop up in my garden around the tree trunks and make quite a show at times.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. They are really like a little Sun, aren't they?

    I know they are very invasive, but I think I called them humble because they are so much being regarded as weeds that I haven't seen any pictures of them in the Blogging-world yet. Could be my failure perhaps?


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