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Friday, May 21, 2010

Orange Tip Butterfly.

female Orange Tip, Anthocharis cardamines,

If you look closely, you'll see the proboscis curled up, because this female has either just landed, or finished feeding on the nectar. (and no, these 2 pictures are not the same photo!)

I love that hairy look of butterflies and Moths. Many Moths add featherly antennae to this look, making them even more attractive!
The Orange tip male has two orange tips on each forewing; the female, as you can see here, has grey tips with faint orange border.

She kept flying about the plant, checking out each flower, and yet, after a lot of flying about, it would return to the same two flowerheads. She was very obliging and despite flicking the wings a lot, she was my ideal posing Butterfly.

I had seen a lot of Orange Tip males around the same spot, . (about 200m from my home) yet they never gave me the opportunity for a picture.

I wanted to add a few more photos. I have Blogger problems however and I'm unable to get the picture button working (on both blogs)


  1. Lovely shots. I to love the furry look that some of the moths have. You almost feel like petting them.

  2. Thanks, Crow; yes, I know what you mean;

    Such fluffy Moths take it one step further and have feathery antennae too. (most of the time)


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