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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Micro Beetles and Grass in the Wind

The other day I spotted 2 tiny Beetles on the Brambles in my garden. At about 05-07mm long, life was only just beginning for these little ones, I think.
I could not get very good images, unfortunately.
I first spotted the mini Ladybird on a leaf about 70cm from me, and with so many thorny leaves between subject and me, I could not move the whole network of stems, branches, and leaves. Would you like to have an earthquake uproot you while sunbathing on the beach?

Then I spotted a Green critter, equally handsome and about similar in size. It was green all over with a gold-not yellow) shine, and I think it was the wings which were actually gold.
Also, it has a pattern of black & white on the antennae.
The trouble is that when you cannot get close to your mini subject, it is very difficult to get a grip on what it looks like. To see things like this well enough; I need to take of my glasses for any close-up stuff. I have not enough hands available to deal with reading glasses, which would only be more hassle to me.

These Grasses kept swaying in the wind, and it was hard to get a focus on them and a shot. These 2 are my favourites.

But even these have to come together,

And a focus too, in the end.

Some kind of Rush

Germander Speedwell

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