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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Field Speedwell, Veronica persica, little flowers of winte

Despite the frost and the -6 gruond temperatures, I did manage to get away last Sunday.
Along the river at the Church of Ireland, I discovered a few little Field Speedwell, its feet safely hidden among the cement and sparse pocket of soil. It is quite sheltered here; Trees growing parallel, provide a canopy overhead while the wall keep the roots from the cold ground frost.

Field Speedwell, Veronica persica

Aso in flower, but on the backroad: European Gorse, Ulex europaeus
I love these prickly heads.

Gorse Flowers make a delicious white wine. We used to see cars pass with masses of Gorse bushes in the boot. This was the easiest way to get the flowers, rather than collecting the flowers in the field, one would take them home to let the family (I imagine) getting stung on these thorny bushes.


  1. How lucky you are to have those lovely plants in bloom. Everything here will be covered in white until at least April.

  2. Thank you, Carol.

    I don't think the blooms survived the minus 8 temps we've been having this past week. I have been unable to get out, for a second look.

    The difference, Carol is that you are used to the low temps and the frost & snow that come with it. Like I used to be used to it, 26 years ago, before we moved here.

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