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Save Dunmanus Bay

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day inDecember in a few pictures

Bantry harbour:
Grey Heron, Ardea cinerea

Mute Swan cygnets, Cygnus olor

A late Snapdragon.

Unknown rodent at home.

Dunmanus at its best.


  1. Lovely set of pictures especially the heron and the mouse. We get wood mice coming indoors when the weather turns cold

  2. Thanks, Greenfingers. I think this one has been living in the shed, and that it was a bit hungry and started looking for food in here.

  3. What wonderful pictures you've taken. They are just beautiful.

  4. Thank you, Carol.

    on my way home I was amazed at the light over the estuary in the distance, and I vowed to get out there as soon as I arrived.
    After washing up, unpacking, etc. I left at 4, when Francis came home. he urged me to get out and I arrived just at the right moment for the finale, at 4.30.
    Amazing that it sets this early again.

  5. Lovely mix of photos,
    Is it that the rat is an orphan that you know not its name here we call them crow and Kite fodder. the snap dragons are very late in bloom or shall we say early.
    I have split my photos up now I am in the middle of making a blog just for the plants I have photos of. Dragons, bugs ,birds all have their own blog, and my original blog is now is nilelife2. as most of my blogs have run out of space. unless I pay. problem here is google will not take visa or any other card from Egypt. so free bees are called for just a new email account. ah yes the sky photo!
    all the best to you for 2010.
    all these should keep you happy for a while.


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