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Monday, August 1, 2011

Machro Monday: Abstract nature in monochrome

I still have no PA from the Irish Wheelchair Asociation/health board. But that is not my main problem right now: I've got tendinitis in my right hand and wrist!! When you only got one arm to use, giving it rest is not an option. Just imagine: not to be able to hold your camera! Well you are getting the picture.. I don't. most of these images I took on a windy day, 4 weeks ago. Only one or two I took yesterday. And I paid for it, last night. On top of all my chronic pains which keep me awake These couple of pictures will add another week-month to my recovery. As does typing this, of course.
So I hope you like this, cause you might have to wait for quite a bit for the next MM. Or next blog in general.. You have no idea how much I miss Francis now.. if only to make me a cup of tea now and then.
Anyway, enough drama for now.. here are the photos:

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  1. Incredibly talented, you are. Your photography skills are super!!!

    My link is: COTTON FIELD

    Hope you find time to stop by. Have a great Monday.

  2. I am more than impressed with your images (on both blogs) after reading about what you are up against in getting these shots. Very nice. Wow, I just cannot imagine. I'll be thinking about you for some time. I wish you the best.

  3. Anni, thank you for stopping by this blog, and for leaving these this lovely comment.
    I've just visited your blog, and a great idea to have the ID link on there too.

    Sinbad and you,
    Thank you for calling into my little place in the blogosphere.

  4. Fascinating photographs in black and white. I admire you, you are a fighter.

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