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Monday, November 8, 2010

Macro Monday, A closer look at a bridge.

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Shiny marble like pieces of stony among the Ivy, stone, soil and Moss.
,(there are only small bits of stone visible in fact. Nevertheless, it did deserve a closer look)

We used to live next to this little bridge, for 13 years or so. It lets you pass over the river which surrounded us on two sides. (The old ground floor cottage was where you now see the new house, behind the blue shed)
(spring 2009)
This river was also home to a Kingfisher and we once had an Otter basking on a boulder, to the left of the bridge.
I was hoping to find some kind of Invertebrate among the bits and pieces of the wall of the bridge, but no luck.

Ivy roots.

And other bits of stone:

I love it the kind of shapes you can find on stone.

And then there is the Moss of course.

Dead Henbit Nettle, Lamium amplexicaule
growing just around the corner.

And very difficult to take photos of, because it is only 17-20cm high and so a long way from me.

Hawkbits growing on the bridge.

Plus grasses on the bridge.


  1. Wow! You found so many incredible things to share! I love that bridge! It is amazing what you see once you really look at rocks. :0)

  2. Thanks, Lisa. The shapes on the rock were invisible to the naked eye. And I suspected there to be hidden surprises, so I kept shooting.


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